Thursday, October 11, 2012

how to hand sew headbands onto a book

Start by cutting a thin strip of vellum backed leather (core) about 2 mm for the headband. Mark the middle of each signature (pages) section with an extended strip of newsprint. Thread needle 1 (yellow) and go in from the center of the first section of the book. You will feel a little recess in where the top kettle stitch is, and will be able to push the needle cleanly through that hole. Tie it to thread 2 (blue). Go through the book with the blue thread just like with the yellow, finding the hole for the kettle stitch and going through it. Create a loop with the blue thread and slide the core (leather strip) through it. Twist the core around 360 degrees so it is entangled and can be propped up along the edge of the spine. Pull the blue thread over the top of the core and around/underneath creating a loop over the top. Do this until you have four threads around the core. The, bring the yellow thread under the core on the left, cross over, and tuck it under the right. This will create a "bead" where the yellow thread presses and contains the blue.

After creating the bed, pull the yellow back down over the top of the core and tuck it into the book on the left. Now pull the blue thread over the yellow and under the core on the right, essentially creating what looks like a smaller bead, pinning the yellow thread. You can then repeat the four loops with the blue thread going over the core and under on the right, and created another bead with the yellow. 

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